Jobs, Obama, and Bush

Here are two charts concerning job losses and gains. The first represents the time shortly before President Obama took office until roughly today:

And this next one represents the recession faced by Bush, plus a comparable period of following years as compared to the previous chart:

via Paul Krugman

13 Responses

  1. minus 2.5 million jobs under Dumbya, plus 2.5 million jobs under Obama, in lass than half the time, so far. I know which policies I prefer.

    Another statistic: The amount of health care fraud detected since the enactment of the affordable care act has zoomed. This is causing the cost of health care to sink.

  2. Greg Mankiw has a classic post on judging presidents. He said it’s important not to look at what the results were, but what choices they made with the information they had available.

    So far these numbers show changes, but they don’t show what caused those changes. Sadly, without a counterfactural, we’ll never know. We do know, however, that this famous chart on unemployment levels disproved the president’s policy predictions:

  3. The point Krugman was trying to make with these charts, I believe, was that Obama has been anything but a job killer. And, in fact, the numbers only improve if we discount the shedding of government jobs.

  4. One could make a compelling argument that fewer government employees can contribute to job growth more significantly than keeping government jobs whose usefulness is spurious at best.

  5. One could argue that but one would be wrong.

  6. Why doesn’t the government just hire everyone than Bob? If the average government job is producing more wealth or the same amount as the private sector, why even have one?

  7. The idea that we should never cut government waste because it will produce unemployment is easy to knock down.

    Imagine if 999 of every 1,000 workers in the country was a municipal clerk. Would that be a good system?

  8. Of course you guys take things to the absurd. So predictable, it like talking to a child. And again, you place things I never said on me. I can do it too:

    If cutting taxes are so good, why not cut them 400%?

    See how stupid your statements are?

    Michael Hawkins, I am surprised you allow such nonsense here. You no longer tolerate it from P.Z. Maybe I should stop coming to this cesspool.

  9. If that is absurd I can’t imagine what you think is reasonable.

    And who mentioned taxes? Since you have, if raising taxes is so good, why not raise them to 100% of every ones income, why not let the government manage every dollar?

    Maybe you should stop contributing so much cess to the pool yourself.

    As if you are the authority that decides what is nonsense and what isn’t.

  10. One other thing is I’m not so sure the number of jobs lost or gained is really relevant anyway. I would expect the real unemployment rate to be more important.

    After all, losing a billion jobs wouldn’t be news if the working population were high enough.

  11. As I expected. more insane nonsense from Nate the troll.

    I am unsubscribing from all the posts here and removing this blog from my RSS reader. I will no longer tolerate Nate’s insanity.

  12. That’s too bad, I really wanted to see what Bob had to say about PZ’s unreasonable reaction to our dear blog author, but Bob was silent on that.

    If Bob is going to dramaquit because Mr. H had to audacity to allow dissenting comments, I won’t mourn his exit.

  13. I have done it.

    If this were a movie, this is the point where there would be triumphant music playing and the camera would be following me around.

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