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I assume this is fake, but it should be real.

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  1. Watching Gingrich in action really reminds me how young I am: I was still a child when Gingrich left Congress.

    I assume I had to have been there because I just don’t see, in any way, what older conservatives see in him. I see a tempermental, flip-flopping, anti-conservative serial adulterer who thinks that we call him ‘godlike’ when we describe him as ‘mercurial’.[1] I admit I am stunned that he appeals to anyone in the GOP.

    [1] Tempermental goes without saying; his positions are all over the map depending on his mood; he thinks giving Congress control over the judiciary is somehow ‘conserving’ established institutions and protecting a restrained government; he not only committed adultery on two different wives but, rather than show repentence, shows anger and hostility if it’s mentioned; to top it off, he’s got all the humility of Zeus.

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