This is why no one respects the South

You’d think Tennessee, of all places, would know better:

Tennessee, where the nation’s first big legal battle over evolution was fought nearly 90 years ago, is close to enacting a law that critics deride as the “monkey bill” for once again attacking the scientific theory.

The measure passed by the Tennessee General Assembly would protect teachers who allow students to criticize evolution and other scientific theories, such as global warming. Republican Gov. Bill Haslam said this week he would likely sign it into law.

Interestingly, the governor is claiming that the law will basically do absolutely nothing while changing approximately zilch. The truth is different:

The bill says it would encourage critical thinking by protecting teachers from discipline if they help students critique “scientific weaknesses.”

In other words, teachers won’t be punished for telling students lies.

I think a great test of this horseshit bill would be for a teacher to go into a dead-pan routine where he questions the validity of the theory of gravity. Talk about its weaknesses, cast doubt on its validity, and maybe even propose some alternatives. Of course, those “alternatives” would need to be couched in science-y language, but I’m sure there are plenty of creationist groups out there willing to lend their expertise to those who wish to abuse science.