Gay student sues school over shirt

A student in Ohio is suing his school after he was denied the right to wear a shirt reading “Jesus is not a homophobe”:

The mother of 16-year-old Maverick Couch filed the federal lawsuit on his behalf against Wayne Local School District and the principal of Waynesville High School, northeast of Cincinnati.

Couch is a junior at the public school. His lawsuit says he’s been threatened with suspension if he wears a shirt bearing the message “Jesus Is Not a Homophobe.” The lawsuit says school officials told him the shirt is “sexual in nature” and inappropriate.

I find this interesting for two reasons, neither of which having to do with the specific subject matter. First, I think it’s going to be spectacular to hear the school defend its stupid position that the shirt is somehow sexual. Second, students are usually denied basic rights in school because, well, fuck ’em, amirite? I would be mildly surprised to see Couch win this. And, of course, I hope he does.

Milienne update

I’m ecstatic to report that the little girl, Milienne, who was attached to me every moment in the rescue center (and me to her) is going home to her family in the coming weeks.