Bits of Haiti

This is my favorite picture from my trip to Haiti:


This is from one of the people running Real Hope for Haiti, the group that runs the major health facility for the village I visited:


Milienne went home this past weekend to her grandmothers house. They have never been able to locate her mother for 3 years now. Her grandmother will have to decide what she is wanting to do. There is talk of adoption but she has not made a final decision yet. She was well and healthy when she returned home.

I hope things work out for the best for her.


I just enjoy posting her pictures.

Milienne update

I’m ecstatic to report that the little girl, Milienne, who was attached to me every moment in the rescue center (and me to her) is going home to her family in the coming weeks.

I’m back

I’m back from my trip to Haiti. I really don’t know where or how to start, but I do know I don’t have the energy to get much going right now. So for the moment, here is a quick picture taken with someone’s phone. (I’ve yet to upload or see many photos taken with real cameras, but they’re on the way.)

That’s me playing with Milienne in the rescue center in Casale. She was attached to me from within the first few seconds I entered the building. I’m really glad I know her. Should the day come that I have a daughter, she will also be named Milienne.