Why I like The Big Bang Theory

Short answer: Sheldon.

Long Answer: I’m not a big fan of most major network sitcoms. I can be brought around to certain series when I get inundated with them via syndication, such as Scrubs. And it is certainly true that smaller networks like FX put out a number of good shows, such as Louie and The League. However, I generally stay away from what NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX have to offer the world. Things like How I Met Your Mother (despite Neil Patrick Harris) and Two Broke Girls and American Idol are pure garbage. It’s just crap that people seem to like for no reason other than that it’s on and they don’t have Netflix or the guts to use that loaded gun under their bed. The Big Bang Theory, on the other hand, actually has something to it: Sheldon.

I like most of the characters on the show (Kaley Cuoco is a refreshingly good female actress on a sitcom), but Jim Parsons’ role as Sheldon Cooper stands out. He actually speaks intelligently and the writers clearly research the science-related jokes they have him say. And unlike the way Simon Helberg delivers the lines for the character Howard, Parsons doesn’t go for annoying nerd stereotypes.

I don’t usually write about entertainment stuff, so I don’t have any genuine way to end this. Here is a clip:

3 Responses

  1. Just remember that Amy Farrah Fowler, played by Mayim Bialik, is a woo-pushing alt-med believer. Bialik, that is. And this is despite her having a Ph.D. in Neurosciences from UCLA. That pretty much demolishes my hypothesis that studying sciences in depth keeps you inoculated from woo.

  2. I love Sheldon’s character. Jim Parson’s is brilliant. I believe he won a couple of awards for his character on that show. On the other hand, I don’t agree about Kaley Cuoco… I think a lot of her humor comes from what is given to her by the other characters. She plays off them. :P

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