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There are a lot of shows from my childhood that don’t hold up under scrutiny in retrospect. Boy Meets World is one of the shows that does.

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  1. In my local area, there’s an over-the-air channel (MeTV) that is showing a lot of the old shows from the 1960s. Back then, I used to love watching _Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea_. Today, when I happen to tune in to one of these episodes, I marvel just at how cheesy some of those episode were, and it explains the MAD Magazine parody of the show, “Voyage to the Bottom of the Ratings.”

    On the other hand, _Perry Mason_ holds well for its age. So does _The Dick Van Dyke Show_ (love the episode where Danny Thomas plays an invader from the planet Twylo).

    Also, I never saw the original _The Untouchables_, as my family was stationed overseas when that aired, but those episodes are usually quite well done.

    _The Twilight Zone_ (at least from the early 60’s) does not age well. Some episodes are so poor as to be execrable (see–or DON’T see–“Probe 7, Over and Out”–ugh). Many of the _Alfred Hitchcock Presents_ shows are pretty decent half-hour dramas.

    Okay, enough of exposing my geezerhood.

  2. I grew up watching a lot of Nick@Nite stuff, so I do have a lot of affection for those old classics. “I Love Lucy” always plays well. The same goes for “Happy Days”, “Dragnet, and as you said, “The Dick Van Dyke Show”.

  3. Did you get to see any of the Carol Burnett show? Tim Conway (who got his start on McHale’s Navy, I think) was notorious for inserting non-scripted lines, just to see how his fellow actors would react. Here’s his classic elephant tales (I think the first tale was completely edited out of the broadcast show, and Vicky Lawrence’s line in the second tale was bleeped, of course):

    Whenever I feel really down, I look at this video and it always cracks me up. A good second is this from the old Family Feud with Richard Dawson:


  4. Trying it a third time. Kill the other message, please:

  5. I never watched the Carol Burnett Show or Family Freud with that host, but both of those clips were hilarious.

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