Stop assuming men want to rape and molest everything

I understand the concerns of Schrodinger’s Rapist. I think a lot of it is a reflection of paranoia, but I understand any person, man or woman, having safety concerns when out and about. However, that does not justify the shitty polices like the ones on the airlines Virgin Australia and Qantas:

Are all men potential pedophiles? If you’re a passenger on a Qantas Airways or Virgin Australia flight, the answer is yes, as both airlines have policies forbidding adult men form sitting next to unaccompanied minors. Dismayed at being so negatively stereotyped, men are speaking out down under to protest this profiling. Daniel McCluskie, the second 30-something man in a week to come forward, told The Age, “It seemed I had this sign I couldn’t see above my head that said ‘child molester’ or ‘kiddie fiddler.'”

It’s one thing to be concerned for unaccompanied children, but it’s another thing to call out a random person for sitting next to one on an airplane. The pilot may as well come over the speaker and declare that the passenger sitting in seat 18A is not to be trusted. “Watch that guy’s zipper!”

I’m somewhat on the fence with the whole “assume everyone wants to rape me” attitude reflected in the initial link in this post. I understand that there are plenty of dangerous situations out there*, but that does not mean any man who dares speak to a strange woman should have to carry with him instructions on how best to deal with the face full of pepper spray he might get. That’s no different than clutching one’s purse because a black man walked into the area. Besides, most sexual assault victims know their attacker. Does that mean no man is to ever be trusted?

*I once acknowledged this fact when in a debate with feminists. Despite it being a cornerstone to the Schrodinger’s Rapist argument, I was chastised for assuming women were too stupid to know that certain situations are dangerous. So remember, if you establish basic facts in any argument, you must think your opponent is stupid.

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