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I recently saw a poll showing that some crazy percentage of Republicans – 67% – believe abortion is okay in instances of rape. That’s hilariously inconsistent with the argument that a fetus is a full-fledged human life and thus deserving of protection. What the hell argument distinguishes between a fetus conceived via consensual sex versus one conceived via rape?

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  1. I’m not sure you thought of all the angles on this one Michael. One is the result of ones choices and the other is entirely the opposite.

    As far as I am concerned the responsibility for the death of what I consider a human life lies with the rapist, not with the former future mother. In many, if not most, states if you and I were to break into a house and you were to be shot by the homeowner, your death would be my responsibility, not theirs. So I would place the responsibility in rape cases ending in abortion accordingly.

    I don’t have any issues here, because I don’t have a problem with people being held accountable for the full results of their actions. If people don’t think it through before they do something, that’s their bad lookout, not mine.

  2. So your argument is that sex comes with responsibility that must be followed-through with accordingly? Who made you that arbiter?

    You’re missing the big argument here. The reason so many Republicans* are against abortion is because they believe it is the killing of a human life. If that is the argument – and it is absolutely the cornerstone of the entire issue for the right – then making an exception for a rapist is plainly stupid.

    *And by Republicans I mean right-wing Christians since the two terms are the same in the vast majority of cases, and since most people who become Republicans do so for religious reasons.

  3. There are a whole pile of democrats against it for the same and other reasons.

    Here’s my big thing though, I may believe in God but I don’t hold myself responsible for the actions of others and thus I don’t feel it is any of my business what other people want to do. Abortion is legal, so abort your hearts out, I don’t care, I just don’t feel I should have to pay for it. Any morality issues are between you and your God, gods, Buddah, etc., and/or your own conscience.

    That being said, I feel abortion is wrong in all cases, but in cases of rape, the one who has done the wrong is not the perspective mother, but the rapist and everything that follows is on their head, at least from my point of view.

    And yes, sex comes with responsibility, again, from my point of view, if you accept the risks, whatever they may be, than that is your problem as is everything that follows that acceptance of risk.

    For my part, I support abstinence only sex education. However, I have a caveat. I only support it for the first 30 seconds of sex education, after that, they should be moving onto all the other stuff, condoms, yadda, yadda, yadda. The first thing the should be said is, “the only 100% risk free approach is not to have sex”. From there the education should move on to all the ways you can have sex while effectively managing all the risks so that they hopefully become infinitesimally small.

  4. Why do you support any education at all? People who have kids have to accept the responsibilities that come with that, don’t they?. That means they need to educate their own children without the forced help of society.

    Everyone for themselves.

  5. You don’t seem to be following me here. I think abortion is wrong in all cases, but it isn’t my business to tell others how to manage their lives. I wasn’t talking about peoples individual responsibilities to their kids or whatever you seem to be thinking, I wasn’t even talking about the government holding people accountable. What I was talking about was where I place blame and me alone.

    I’m not gathering where you got the “everyone for themselves”. I think you are misunderstanding something, I just can’t figure out what, it all seems pretty simple to me.

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