I’ve started a HubPages account purely for the sake of seeing if I can generate any money from it. I don’t know if I’m going to stick with it or not – it depends on return – but I figured it’s worth checking out. The only real downside is that I can’t republish posts I’ve made here. In fact, I only noticed that restriction after I had started to transfer this post over to my new account. As a result, the URL doesn’t make any sense on my first post. If I can figure out a way to change it, I will, but it isn’t looking like HubPages is as user friendly as WordPress.

UPDATE: Apparently quoting another article after attributing the quote to said article is considered plagiarism by HubPages. Maybe I’ll hold off on writing for these people until they figure out what standard blogging practices are and how the Internet works.

SECOND UPDATE: This is their last chance.

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