Hey, I’ve been published

I recently wrote a short piece of fiction for Portland Monthly that has appeared in this month’s edition. I don’t believe it’s available online, but I’m not sure. I got the impression from one friend that he was able to find and read it from the website, but I have yet to confirm as much. I’ll update this post (or maybe make a new one) if I am able to link to my story.

In the meantime, I encourage anyone interested to invest in a subscription to the magazine. Because, hey, why not? It’s a good magazine plus you’d definitely get to read a story by yours truly. A story, incidentally, that is about an old Downeaster living on a Maine island as a storm rolls in from the sea. I went for a real Stephen King feel without necessarily pegging myself into his general genre. I think it came out pretty well, so I’m happy with it.

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