Thought of the day

Here are the reasons marriage equality for gays passed this time around in Maine, even though it failed just three years ago here:

  • Opposition was far less active: The Catholic Church and other religious groups were not focusing all their efforts on this one issue, nor were they actively raising funds to the extent they did last time.
  • As people have more time to think about this issue, the more mature their response becomes: New proposals are often a shock to people. In fact, it took 3 or 4 attempts just to get gays equal rights in employment, housing, education, and other areas here in Maine, but we eventually did it.
  • It’s a Presidential election year: The last vote was in 2009, so the opposition to equality had an advantage. After all, it’s no secret that liberal ideas and candidates would do far better at the polls if every American had to vote. In 2009 we naturally saw a smaller sample size than 2008 or 2012.

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