Thought of the day

From time to time I’ll see those on the right attempt to deflect their side’s tendency towards science-denialism by pointing out that it is often those on the left who favor homeopathic medicine or are highly weary of vaccines. Of course, it’s true that there is a lot of unscientific garbage on both sides of the aisles. Those on the right are undeniably the biggest offenders, what with their positions on the age of Earth, global warming, and evolution, but there’s plenty of crap on the left, too. Generally, the crap on the left, however, is also associated with New Age thinking and the ever-nebulous idea of spirituality. I bet you’ll never guess what underlies so much of this strain of thought:


That’s the problem. Most of those on the right are filled with faith – people usually become Republicans because they’re deep into Christianity – so it isn’t a surprise when we see the vast majority of their positions in conflict with science. Nor, indeed, is it a surprise when we see those on the fringe left doing things like denying the efficacy of vaccines. (Of course, Michele Bachmann’s linking of vaccines to autism proves there is some common ground between our political parties.) It is faith – believe without evidence – that is the problem.