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The Boy Scouts of America is considering a vote to end its ban on gay scouts and leaders. They have actually decided to delay a vote, but it looks like it’s only a matter of time until the group moves to the right side of history (even if it doesn’t happen this year).

The ACLU is suing an Ohio school for displaying a picture of Jesus. I was going to start off my commentary with a prediction that one of the first arguments we’ll hear in favor of keeping the picture is that it has “historical significance”…except I found that as I read the article, that exact argument has already been made. It’s ridiculous. Adolf Hitler also has historical significance, so why not display his picture? Oh, you mean to tell that it would appear as though such a display endorses Nazi Germany? Weird how that works.

Chris Christie is fat. Okay, so this isn’t news, but it is news that he has taken to speaking about it more openly than in the past. In response, a doctor that was asked about him said that he was at risk for a heart attack, stroke, and early death. Christie then got upset, said the doctor had never examined him or seen his records (which is true) and that it was hackery to make such comments. Except he’s wrong. He is obese and as a result he is at greater risk for all those things. Indeed, all obese people are.

King Richard III’s remains were recently found beneath a parking lot. A meme has been making the rounds that says this king is the hide-and-seek champion from the mid-1400’s to today, but I have to wonder. What about that Jesus fella? Or do his appearances on toast break his streak?

One of the most popular Super Bowl ads was the Dodge Ram/farmers one. Playing to America’s undeserved respect for religion, Dodge advertised one of its trucks using a speech by Paul Harvey. Apparently God had time to make really versatile farmers, but he couldn’t be bothered to create, say, versatile farmland in sub-Saharan Africa. (By the way, this was the best ad.)

The Day of Prayer was held yesterday. President Obama was quoted as saying, “But I go back to the Oval Office and I start watching the cable news networks, and it’s like we didn’t pray.” You mean to tell me that praying and not praying give the exact same results? Crazy.

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