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I can understand some of the support people have for gun rights. There are valid arguments to be had for why gun ownership should only be regulated within certain limits (at least in the U.S.). However, I will never understand why anyone supports the massively moronic NRA.

One Response

  1. They are no different than the ACLU. Both organizations work against almost every infringement on any right. The NRA just fights for gun rights, while the ACLU fights for the rest. Without these two organizations constantly exploring the limits of our rights I have a feeling that we would be much worse off. This is how rights become defined.

    The NRA has it’s problems, but it is certainly no worse than any number of other organizations founded on more or less absolutist views. I’m a member for the insurance, in case my guns are stolen or damaged by disaster I can replace them with minimal fuss and expense. The NRA has just as many positives as it has negatives about it.

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