C0nc0rdance, YouTube, PZ, and me

I was contacted several months back by someone seeking to include me in a YouTube video about PZ Myers’ personal policies regarding censorship. Basically, PZ has made it a point to insulate himself from most forms of dissent, taking a small contingent of the atheist community with him. Despite what PZ claims, this has caused DEEP RIFTS; there is a splinter in the atheist community where one side is atheism-first, science-first and the other is all about blaming men for the world’s ills while playing professional victims. The PZ side of the matter bears no relation to atheism and most of the people there, including and especially PZ, don’t even know what atheism is. The Gnu Atheism side, on the other hand, is busy making documentaries and staying focused (all the while snubbing PZ). The only positive to take from this split is that PZ Myers’ popularity has declined precipitously over the past several years.

At any rate, the video. I was contacted by video maker C0nc0rdance about my story being included in one of his videos. I was all for it. However, he wanted to maybe do a Skype interview, so I was waiting for him to schedule a time for that. As it turns out, he decided to take a different direction with the video, but I didn’t realize it. The result is that this video has been sitting on YouTube for 3 months and, well, now you know why I never posted it. Check it out. My part begins at around 4:25:

3 Responses

  1. PZ, PZ…

    Disagree with him on his blog? You’re a troll and should be banned.

    Encourage an internet mob to swamp opinion polls and another blog’s comment feed? Nah, that’s just good fun.

  2. I just watched a lengthy Google+ conversation that involved PZ, someone named Pooka, concordance, and TheSkepticalHeretic. It was incredible to hear PZ claim that he doesn’t ban people for disagreeing. No, no. He only does it when people are being assholes, of course!


    It’s clear the guy wants to have a community of people who mostly agree with each other. He has a right to do that, but I think it’s a garbage way to go about blogging and exposing one’s own ideas.

  3. I just read your posts after watching C0nc0rdance’s video. I’m genuinely disgusted. Sad to see a group of “skeptics” and “free-thinkers” attack you for taking a reasoned, analytical approach to a serious problem. The one way invective was bad enough, but the blatant misrepresentation of your position was really shameful from an academic.

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