Cons vs Liberals

Conservative: I hate welfare moochers!

Liberal: Do you know corporations are making record profits?

Con: Good! Nothing wrong with money!

Liberal: And despite these profits, workers aren’t seeing shit. In turn, the taxpayer subsidizes the worker. Otherwise people will starve and die.

Con: Lazy workers!

Liberal: No, you fucking myopic idiot. You’re paying more in taxes because places like Wal-Mart refuse to paying a living wage, even though they very well could. The taxpayer is the moral agent here; the corporation is the moocher that is taking advantage of our desire to not see people suffer and die. That is, they know we’ll prevent suffering, so they line the pockets of a few at the expense of many without fear that this system will ever change.

One Response

  1. I enjoy your idealized conversation with a conservative, where he actually pauses to let someone else speak. Has it ever happened in real life?

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