Thought of the day

What I’ve learned from the Internet:

  • Everybody supports Ron Paul
  • No one has ever come up with a valid analogy for anything. Ever.
  • Everybody is a feminist
  • Obama was born in Kenya
  • Vaccines have never worked except to cause autism and, hell, why not AIDS too?
  • All chemicals are bad
  • There has never been a supporter of circumcision ever
  • Only people who eat processed foods get cancer
  • Doctors are only interested in money, not making people better
  • “There”, “they’re”, and “their” are interchangeable

4 Responses

  1. The “side-effects” of chemo are in fact their whole purpose
    Pharma companies are so loyal in their homicidal brotherhood that not one of them tries to steal a march on its competitors by actually marketing the 100% safe, 100% effective
    Pharmacologists and doctors are all part of the same establishment and march in lock-step in pursuit of the same sadistic, evil goals
    Evolution is just a theory. So is intelligent design. So if evolutionists do not all entirely agree with each others, then intelligent design must be true, because the believers all agree with each other

  2. Bugger. My HTML has betrayed me. Must be the drug companies.

  3. Haha. If I didn’t know you, I’d have to apply Poe’s Law to that. Unending posts like that are why I closed comments on my Andreas Moritz posts.

  4. ‘Twas intended to be a bulleted list :(

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