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Bond issues: Things invariably approved at the ballot box by voters who would disapprove of their representative voting for the exact same things on the floor of the state house.

2 Responses

  1. Mr. Hawkins: I have recently come across your blog and find it quite interesting although your comments are somewhat conflicting at times. For example: If the U.S. education system undermines science (your words not mine) why was the US your choice for education and what did you do with your biology degree?

  2. I was born and raised here. It wasn’t much of a choice through high school. As for college, it’s quite clear that it makes almost no difference what school a person attends. Unless a degree comes from Yale, a degree is a degree. With mine, I’ve done a little work in microbiology, I’ve worked in the animal vaccine industry, and I currently work on contract creating descriptions of college level math and science textbook graphs, diagrams, other images, etc.

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