Messing with the background

I’m messing around with the background a bit. Right now I have a picture from Lake Champlain, but since the lighthouse is blocked by all the other stuff on the page, I may change it soon. Let me know here if you see something you like.

Here’s the full picture.

Random posts

I’ve added a widget to the right hand side titled “Random Posts”. As one might guess, clicking the link under the category title will go to a random post.

For my fellow WordPress bloggers out there, just add ?random to the end of your blog URL if you want to do the same thing.

I’m back

And comments are back to normal.

Leaving comments

I almost never sift through all the spam comments that get automatically blocked from my blog, so it’s quite possible that perfectly legitimate posts are getting deleted. I recently found one that had been blocked because it had too many links in it (I’ve upped the limit to 5).

I am not the type of person that is terrified of people, say, calling me out for a long history of dishonesty and academic squalor, so I do not have any settings in place which require approval of comments. If you make a post and it does not show up either immediately or at least very, very soon, there is some reason which has nothing to do with my approval. Make a second comment or try commenting on another post and let me know that something is up.

Update: To make up for the long delay from when that missed comment was made and when it was actually posted, here is a link to a post by the commenter, The Godless Artist. He describes his unfortunate time at a creationism seminar. Isn’t it interesting how atheists are willing to hear what the creationists say, but so few creationists are willing to actually go get the proper education on evolution?


Some comments I receive get automatically sent to the spam filter for wordpress blogs. This is usually good since most of the comments there are actually spam. Unfortunately, some genuine posts are occasionally sent there. If you make a post and don’t see it up here, that’s probably what happened. You don’t need to repost, however. I haven’t reached a point where I can’t sift through the spam filter to find the quality posts. I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks for your patience.