Words and phrases I don’t take seriously

There are certain terms bandied about by particular political factions that I just can’t take seriously. They get used into oblivion and either come to mean nothing, everything, or are merely jokes that mark an idiot. I’m sure some people might say as much about “bigot”, which is really a wonderful word, but it isn’t used by just or primarily one group; it gets used by everyone, albeit often incorrectly. So without further ado, here are some words and phrases that stick out to me as completely useless:

Job Creators: Oh, Republicans, you mean rich people that contribute to your campaigns but don’t really create jobs because, as you know and hate to acknowledge, the economy is driven by the consumer?

Patriarchy: Oh, feminists, you mean anything – absolutely anything – you wish to explain away and ‘blame on men’?

Blame On Men: Oh, too many men who argue with feminists, you mean any argument so inconvenient to address – including the preponderance of valid ones – that you would rather ignore it and just degrade the discussion instead?

War On Christmas: Oh, FOX Noise, you mean that fictitious thing you made up in order to fill your time between race baiting and lying?

I’m not religious, I’m spiritual: Oh, wildly immature thinker, you mean you don’t want to spend the time to think about the God question, but you’re also too lazy to commit to a religion and/or take the criticism that comes with that?

Add your own.

Great news

Good things do happen:

A woman who was escorted off an Amtrak train by police last weekend after she allegedly refused to stop talking loudly on her cell-phone has the Internet cheering her fate.

Civilians and quiet-car champions are supporting her ejection for violating policy at high volume during the 16-hour journey. It doesn’t help her cause that she became belligerent when confronted about it by one of her fellow passengers.

KOMO News reports that Lakeysha Beard says she felt “disrespected” by the incident, though passengers said it was Beard who was being rude by refusing to stop yapping while sitting in one of the train’s designated quiet cars. She had not stopped talking since the train pulled out of Oakland, California, 16 hours before it reached Salem, Oregon, when a passenger confronted her about the talking. That’s when Beard got “aggressive,” KATU reports, and conductors stopped the train so that police could remove her and charge her with disorderly conduct.

This is great, but Lakeysha? Come on. I almost feel racist just posting this.

Don’t act like you weren’t thinking the same thing.