Thought of the day

The government creates the legal framework and defines what a corporation is. The government can thus regulate corporations any way it pleases.

Honestly. It’s that simple: Citizens United defeated.

Colbert mocks bad Supreme Court decision

We all remember that Supreme Court decision that entirely transgressed the purpose and even spirit of corporate law. It was funny, of course – just in a bad way. But now fortunately Stephen Colbert has made it funny in a good way:

A couple hundred people stood around holding cameras as comedian Stephen Colbert dropped into Washington and filed papers for his Super PAC. It was the most excitement the Federal Election Commission and its office may ever see…

“The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United has proved that unlimited corporate money equals free speech,” said Colbert as the crowd cheered, clapped and booed. By the Colbert logic, that means that no corporate money means “silence.”

The crowd cheered as Colbert stepped out of the FEC building, with nearly everyone holding up their cameras as the funnyman gave his usual performance.

“I want to open the Colbert super PAC for all those PAC-less Americans,” said Colbert, as several in the crowd recited his PAC’s motto: “Making a better ‘tomorrow’ tomorrow.”

This about the only good thing to come of this decision.