Andreas Moritz deleted

But only from Wikipedia.

I’ve said it again and again to these quacks that just won’t crawl away: they can’t make it better, only not worse. Once rational people of scientific mindsets take notice, quacks don’t tend to do so well. That’s the case with Moritz. If he only thought about it for a moment’s time, he would realize that I didn’t really care about putting him up for deletion (though another user beat me to the punch). I wanted to add some fair criticism, but since he can’t take the truth, he insisted on deleting it over and over. He can do that, but I’m afraid I’m unable to stand by while a stupid, dangerous man tries to build up a deceptive reputation that could cost people their health. I don’t much care if he has a page for whatever, but I want to make sure everyone knows that whatever he creates is going to be filled with lies.

Oh, the pride

At the risk of Christian chastisement (something I take oh so seriously), I find myself unable stop from feeling a bit of pride. It turns out that when searching “dangerous man cancer stress” in Google, For the Sake of Science comes up as the first result. And which post? Why, the one about snake oil salesman Andreas Moritz, of course. It feels good to know that people searching out information about cancer, stress and danger will have the opportunity to avoid being duped by this crook.