Doonesbury and abortion: day 5

Here is the fifth comic in the Doonesbury series:

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Doonesbury and abortion: day 4

Here is the fourth installment:

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Doonesbury and abortion: day 3

Here is the third installment of the Doonesbury cartoons for this week.

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Doonsebury and abortion: day 2

Here is the next Doonesbury abortion cartoon:

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The sort of response from theists

I’ve found a lot of theists who just hate thought experiments. If I’m to speculate, I see two reasons: 1) a lack of understanding fosters hostility and 2) they recognize they have no good response. This Doonesbury cartoon, while not about theists, encapsulates the sort of response theists give. (Click on it a couple of times to enlarge, if needed.)

In other words:

  • Here is a fact.
  • Take this fact and see how you view it from a new perspective.
  • Aaaaaand ignore the issue altogether and raise some cowardly and/or unintelligent red herring.