Dumb newspaper

In recent months there has been a ruckus around town about the local paper, the Kennebec Journal. Some conservative guy bought it and has been printing the sort of editorials you might expect. Okay, whatever. I willingly listen to Howie Carr. I don’t mind hearing a conservative voice. Hell, they usually make for some good laughs. I guess dumbness can do that.

But there’s a different problem with this paper now. It isn’t that this guy has dumb views and prints dumb editorials. It’s that he is organizing the paper in a downright stupid way.

Obama made his speech to congress on health care on Wednesday night. This was no surprise. It had been mentioned countless times in the preceding days. Everyone was focused on it. It only makes sense that any good newspaper would have made it front page news. But the Kennebec Journal? Nah. It got pushed back to the third page or so. And what was on the front, you ask?


This was put out with what amounted to an advertisement for the event – ticket information, time, who to contact for more information. Other front page news had to do with an advisory concerning a virus (not swine flu) and an article about state revenue. These may be worthy of the front page, but the rally is not huge news. It’s a local political campaign. Obama’s speech has to do with issues that concern the nation. What’s more, this paper has had several stories discussing Republican ‘concern’ over the bill as well as various editorials. Clearly, the Kennebec Journal has an extensive interest in the topic, just like most people. Hell, just this week they had an article saying Obama needed to clarify his positions. Yet they go and pull this crap.

I don’t mind the conservative editorials, poorly reasoned as they may be. But I really rather not see straight-up stupid decisions about what constitutes a lead story.