To form a canyon

That science has had many, many great achievements hardly needs to be said. It has done so by leaving religion in the dust, ignoring all the (predominantly) Christian calls to believe in malarkey, to believe on faith alone. It is its method of examining evidence, of not merely trusting our intuitions and wants, that has propelled mankind in recent centuries. Until science took firm hold of the human mind, the world was stagnated under the pressure of religion.

I keep that in mind whenever I see a fantastic piece of the world. Whether it be a glacier-carved valley in Maine or a volcanic mountain in Africa, I cannot help but recognize a higher beauty in what I’m seeing thanks to science.

Looking back

This is the view looking back to the rim from where I took the last picture I posted

But this was impressive

Of course, the Grand Canyon is a bit bigger than the Hoover Dam.

For those interested, I hiked down that trail in the the middle right of the shot. It pretty much ends right there, overlooking the Colorado River. (Also, the maps lies. It’s claimed to be an 8-12 hour hike. It isn’t. I was out in 5.5 hours, including a 30 minute break above the river.)