Thought of the day


Thought of the day

Well, I think Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals deserved to go to the Bruins, not because I’m a fan, but because they played a far, far better game (minus one 20 second span). It seems wrong that this series didn’t go 7, but it was still a good season.

Besides, we can all take solace in the fact that the Penguins didn’t get further than they did, which would have given NBC and ESPN a chance to masturbate over them at every possible chance.

Thought of the day

Hockey, by a wide margin, is the most exciting sport. Good to see it back.


Even though hockey is easily the greatest sport in the world, tonight belongs to football. (Okay, and probably some flipping to the Bruins during commercials and between quarters.)

Thought of the day

It’s nice and all that football is back, but is it hockey season yet? Please?

Update: Okay, it’s really nice that Brady threw for 500+ yards.

Fighting in hockey is appropriate

Except for soccer moms:

For some parents of the thousands of children at the Portland Pirates’ annual School Day game Tuesday, a fight that ended with the ejection of four players was too much.

“We were horrified by what we witnessed,” said Catherine Anderson, who attended the game with her 6-year-old son’s kindergarten class from Reiche School in Portland. “(My son) said, ‘Mommy, what’s happening?’ and I said, ‘These men are acting out of control and they’re making bad choices.’ And he said, ‘Why isn’t it stopped?’ “

It isn’t stopped, Child Who I Presume Must Be Named Quaint Little Timmy, because fighting is one of the ways in which hockey players police themselves. The refs can’t see everything; if a player is playing like an ass, he’s going to get punched. In 99% of the cases, a few scratches will be the biggest result. But without fighting, people like Matt Cooke would get away with stuff like this more often:

And that isn’t the first time.

Those sort of plays are extreme – Cooke should be suspended for no less than a year – but dirty hits are kept in check with clean fighting. That doesn’t mean fighting goes unpunished – it always results in a penalty. And that’s fair. These teachers just need some perspective: a self-policing action which usually results in a scratch or two at best is a good tool for keeping the actual gameplay as clean as it is.


Now I can say it:


Thought of the day

Philadelphia? More like Ref-adelphia.

They’re in

And with three short-handed goals during a single power play, no less.

Stephane Auger

The NFL should fine officials when they go crooked. Simple as that.