Laquetta Robinson is a good person

I hate when people invade the privacy of sports figures. It’s one thing if we’re talking about finding out what Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds did with steroids – they made it a public matter by playing while pumped – but it’s another thing to invade the life of, say, Tiger Woods. At most we should know general facts that pertain to his physical well being (and specifics, should he choose to divulge them), but nothing more. It just isn’t anyone’s business.

I have the same sentiment in relation to Michael Jordon. He recently had a love letter from his younger years (1980) released to the public. I haven’t read it and I never will. However, I did just read a story that gave the impression in its description that a woman was going to sue Jordan over the letter. That I found interesting. But as it turns out, it isn’t Jordan the woman wants to sue:

“I see my letter and I’m thinking, what in the world?” Laquetta Robinson asked. She says her high school sweetheart, Jordan, wrote the letter to her nearly 30 years ago. She says she thought the letter was in her possession. […]

She suspects a family member took the letter and sold it to the auction house.

“It was mine, it was personal, it was private,” Robinson added. “And for them to take something that belonged to me and to capitalize off of it, without my knowledge, without my permission, it really upsets me.”

So this is ultimately a family or friend situation, depending on just who swiped the letter, but that isn’t what’s notable here. What matters, at least to me, is what Robinson said of Jordan:

That’s why she’s vowing to take legal action against the person who stole the items, but first she wants to set the record straight with Jordan.

“More than anything, I wouldn’t want Michael to think that I did it [sold the letter] cause I wouldn’t want him to think that I would betray him in this way,” Robinson continued.

I hope Jordan appreciates this. I know I do.