“Do you wish to file a complaint?”

The title of this post is also the content of an email I received from someone in the Maine Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, Office of Licensing and Registration. To what was she responding, you ask?

A naturopathic doctor is not allowed to claim he is a doctor under Maine law. He must use the term “naturopathic doctor” or some similar phrasing. The intent behind this law is clearly to avoid confusing naturopaths with standard doctors.

That is why Christopher Maloney is so concerning. On his website, he expressly says he is a doctor under his “WHO AM I?” section.

Also, in a comment section on a blog post, he claims to practice medicine. This is also prohibited under Maine law.


Of course, my answer to her question is a certain yes. Naturopaths like Christopher Maloney are legitimately dangerous by the very virtue of naturopathy.

If anyone else would like to file a complaint against Maloney, it can be done so by sending an email here.