I hope he holds his ground

The President has threatened a veto if Republicans unnecessarily attach a decision on an oil pipeline to a bill concerning a payroll tax. Of course, the Republican controlled house said ‘fuck it’ and just went ahead and did what it wanted anyway. It probably won’t get to the President because it will die in the Senate, but I hope he holds his ground if it does find its way to his desk. It isn’t that I don’t think the pipeline should be put in place – it should – I just don’t think it should be attached to a tax bill. Moreover, this is a great opportunity to show that the Republicans don’t give two-shits about tax cuts. They merely care about tax cuts for their donors ‘job creators’. (Where are all those jobs, by the way? In fact, where have they ever been? Bueller? Bueller?) Since this tax cut is for the middle class, and because it will spur at the very least some activity since 70% of the economy is driven by the consumer (gasp! alert the papers! we must let the Republicans have this information for the first time in their lives!) and this puts more money in the hands of the consumer, the Republicans aren’t interested.