Mass state trooper is a mindless robot

A state trooper in Boston issued a citation to a man for using the breakdown/emergency lane to get his pregnant wifewhose contractions were 3 minutes apartto the hospital.

The couple said two state troopers allowed them to use the lane, but when they ran into a third, he refused to cut them any slack on their way to Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge.

According to the couple, the trooper had the couple wait while he gave a citation to another driver and then gave John an envelope and told him he would be getting something in the mail.

They received a $100 ticket about two weeks later.

Jennifer also said the trooper made her feel as though she needed to prove that she was pregnant.

“He came over and said ‘What’s under your jacket?’And so I said ‘My belly.’ And he waited and was just kind of looking at me, so I took that to assume he wanted me to open up my jacket. And I did,” Jennifer said.

Their daughter Charlotte Jane was born hours later in the hospital

The couple plans to appeal the ticket.

A spokesman for the State Police said the trooper was using his discretion in following the breakdown lane law. If the Davis family decides to file a formal complain the incident will be reviewed.

There is a serious epidemic – and it’s encouraged in the media, schools, and workplace – to mindlessly follow the rules. We are told that the rules are there for a reason and we must obey them until they change.

It’s malarkey.

The rule is absolutely never important. It is the reason for the rule that matters. We should never simply do something (or not do something, as the case may be) because one person or one group of people arbitrarily place some sort of restriction on a situation. We should question the precise reasoning for these rules. This state trooper was not doing that at all. He saw what he thought was an illegal act and issued a citation. His basis was the rule, not the reasoning. He may get a promotion for being a good robot, but he isn’t advancing anywhere in the logic department.

I’m not sure what Mass law is precisely, but it would seem reasonable that the side lane is not simply for cars which have broken down, but also for emergencies, no? Assuming that is the case, the trooper actually failed at being a robot, too. The couple was in an emergency situation – in Boston traffic, no less. That would seem to justify their use of the lane from a simple legal standpoint, provided Mass calls it an “emergency lane” in some respect.

At any rate, this trooper should be ashamed of himself. The ticket should be revoked, an apology issued, and at least a one-day suspension handed down – not to mention a congratulations given to Jennifer and John Davis for the safe birth of their little girl, Charlotte Jane Davis, despite the efforts of this unnamed trooper.

3 Responses

  1. Clearly, there is a reason why this idiot’s name failed to be mentioned. What a heartless bastard.

  2. I agree, sometimes people take policies and procedures too far. We had new neighbors move in next door to us in the recent past. After a week or so the electric company cut their power supply, because they did not fax in an ID in time. This was on a Monday. So they called and sort out the issue and fax em whatever they need and the guy said they will come restore it on FRIDAY, because that’s when the next scheduled meter visit was. When they told them that was a bit unreasonable, they guy replied they should have abide by National Grids policy and sent in the paper work on time. When they asked what are people suppose to do w/o power for 4 days and the guy said they should contact the local red cross. They asked him to connect them to someone with more authority and they guy said they cant do anything either, its policy but he can have someone give them a call back.

    I mean if their is an outage power companies send people right away. Long story short after a few more calls, the restored power on Wed. I wouldn’t necessarily say these people are mindless but heartless, after all that’s what makes up robot.

    — Usman

  3. […] Mass state trooper is a mindless robot […]

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