When faced with evidence

I’ve noticed that when creationists are faced with direct evidence, they fold. They give up the specific argument for generalities and rhetoric. I am thinking of a couple of specific instances.

Back when I accepted an invitation to see a screening of Expelled, I presented a few specific arguments. The first one was in response to that entirely dumb creationist conflation: ‘Evolution says the world came from nothing, from some Big Bang’. Well, clearly, that is not true. Evolution is about how organisms change over time. It is not a theory within physics. Upon pointing this out, the creationist response was to move on to how people just want to reject God. They so badly want to have no responsibility that they’ll latch on to any old theory. (Remember, these are creationists, so “theory” here doesn’t mean the same as “scientific theory“.) They ignored the argument. They made a false claim. I countered it with a true statement. They surely continued believing in the falsehood, but rather than to present a counter-argument to support their continued belief, they folded.

This is yet another coy creationist tactic. These people have no real meat to their beliefs, so they just move from poorly fashioned concept to poorly fashioned concept, hoping to dazzle us with their ability to believe in spite of all the empirical evidence. It’s astounding.

There are over 700 comments on this blog. A little more than 120 are my own. Most of the remaining are from creationists. They’re more than willing to discuss the color of the bike shed, but when it comes to some real meat, they’re nowhere to be seen. There are two detailed posts sitting below this one which have no responses. None. Maybe my writing just isn’t popular enough to fill my blog space, I can buy that. But c’mon. No one wants to counter any points I’ve raised (via Jerry Coyne)? methinks no one can.

2 Responses

  1. Too long. Here’s a hint. If you want people to read, make it readable.

  2. Couldn’t disagree more with Grant above, whether he’s being serious or not, I don’t know!

    Thanks for the article, and others on the site :)

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