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Rather than to dilute and delude one’s self with stories, tales, and myths of little worth, it seems far more reasonable to live every day in appreciation of Nature and its exquisiteness. This appreciation will go unnoticed, surely, by our grand, unconscious Creator – Nature herself – but the utter joy and beauty present in a view of the world based upon reality is surely more worthwhile than anything else to have been fathomed.

The proposition of a Comforting Creator seems, to me, so infantile that clinging to such a notion is nothing more than a belittling of the intricate tapestry that is the Cosmos.

Thought of the day

This may be a repeat: Show me the intention in a mutation.

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Dumbfounding the skeptics

There’s yet another case of a person making up some miracle and pretending like it was her god that did it.

In an incident that has generated a storm of publicity in devout Poland, Professor Maria Sobaniec-Lotowaska, of the medical university in Bialystok, has dumbfounded sceptics by saying she considered the material found in the container as heart tissue.

It, too, would dumbfound me to hear a professor at a medical university claim such nonsense. But is there anyone being dumbfounded beyond that? Of course not.

Pawel Grzesiowskia, a leading biologist from the National Medical Institute, has attributed the miracle to nothing more than bacteria growing on the small piece of wafer, which fell into a water container during a mass in the eastern village of Sokolka.

This actually isn’t so bad. I mean, yes, rational people everywhere can make Professor Sobaniec-Lotowaska look dumb with this comment, but why not combine it with what she said? Maybe God is manifesting himself as bacteria now. Of course! That’s it! He has become bacteria and that’s how he’s going to guide evolution. We all know no one can point to any intention in any mutation or natural selection, so they can squeeze God in through this new (invented) gap. He is now a sort of bacteria that will infect various people and animals (remember people AND animals: we get our very own special separation – we aren’t even subject to taxonomy!) and he will drive the evolution of species that way.

But wait, drats! It won’t work because it will only make that absurd idea of the trinity all the more confusing. The religious already have their hands full with so many other logically impossible things.