Question 1

The results for question 1 will be coming in soon and I hope my home state is smart enough to not discriminate against an entire group of people. However, if bigotry and a disregard for civil liberties do prevail, it will not be the end of the world. This issue will return soon enough. That’s how it was with Maine’s law that bans discrimination in employment, housing, education, and a few others things based upon sexual orientation. It took the better part of a decade until people realized, ‘Hey, it is illegitimate to fire, say, an accountant because she’s gay’, but it happened.

If the drive for equal rights fails due to the blinding hatred of religious institutions, it will not be the last the state hears of the issue.

How they want to define marriage

The far-right, radical conservatives want to define marriage as a privilege between heterosexuals. If marriage is a privilege and not a right, it is then subject to the whims of the majority, not any guiding principle(s). These people are either too stupid, too ignorant, too blind, or too narrow-minded to recognize that such a definition affects the marriages of all people.