The Maine Atheist Campaign

There is currently an informal campaign being run for the atheists of Maine. The organization is done through the good ol’ Interwebs. The Facebook page can be found here.

The current goal is a cheap and simple one: write letters to the editors. Tell them atheists aren’t bad people. Tell them religion is in opposition to science, reason, and rationality. Let them know that there is no good reason for atheists to face as much hate as we do. We often are good people. We just don’t believe in magical things. And that’s another point in itself: don’t be nice about religion. Don’t give it the respect its adherents demand but have not earned. Be brutal. Call God a Sky Fairy or Magical Daddy Way Up Where.

Of course, this needn’t be limited to Maine atheists. All atheists should write into their local papers. Let everyone know we exist and that there is no good reason we should just shut up. Be loud, be in-your-face. Be, be, be.