Thought of the day

Sexism exists. I’m not kidding, it really does. (I know!) But sometimes it isn’t there. Sometimes people want it to be there. Take this terrible post from Thus Spake Zuska. It’s about an article about the hardships obese women tend to face in terms of some healthcare. But then it goes off the deep end, makes a series of bad (and often irrelevant) points, and half the commenters claim sexism at the drop of a hat. Hell, the fact that I said “drop of a hat” might make some of these kooks think of the I Love Lucy sort of cliches about women always asking their husbands if they can buy hats just so they (these kooks) can make a specious sexism claim. It’s inane.

Calling everything sexism (and without any sort of argument, at that) undermines claims made when sexism is actually afoot.