I currently have plans in the works to hike Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. I’m aiming for late June as the rainy season will be over and there is a full moon on the 26th. However, I’m having trouble making sure I can find a reputable guide company. I met a hiker out on the AT last summer who used Good Earth Tours and he said his trip was successful, but what I didn’t ask was how the porters were treated. Some of these companies make their porters sleep in terrible conditions without proper gear or even the same meals the clients will be having. They even pay them half the recommended minimum daily wage sometimes. I don’t want one of those companies.

Right now I’m checking out Ultimate Kilimanjaro because it is an American based company. I’m weary, however, of these companies that charge upwards of $2000 less than other places I’ve seen. I obviously don’t want to overpay for the sake of faux comfort and unnecessary luxuries, but I also don’t want to employ a bunch of people who are bitter over their low pay and thus not really concerned with my hiking experience.

So that’s where my small blog following comes in. Does anyone have any experience with any Kilimanjaro companies? Any friends with experience? If so, please give me all the information you can.