Extry! Extry!

The March-April edition of Without Apology has arrived.

This month’s publication has a heavy focus on Christopher Maloney and Andreas Moritz, but it also has far kinder articles such as this one about American excess by Kaytlyn Gillis (the actual title for the article was of my less kind choosing).

The distribution for this edition is a little screwy. I usually place it around UMA right after getting it, but the coming week is spring break so it won’t be until around March 29th that I do that. I did, however, make sure to go to Christopher Maloney’s neighborhood. And he actually lucked out a little. In his last email to me, he demanded I never contact him, his neighbors, his family, or his friends. Clearly most of that is ridiculous. Christopher Maloney has no say over whether or not I contact his neighbors or friends. Legally, he has no grounds concerning his family in this regard (bar his own child/children) – though I’m not particularly concerned with them anyway. But as for himself, if he doesn’t want me giving him my paper, that’s fine with me. But I did intend on giving it to his neighborhood, including his immediate neighbors. Unfortunately – and here’s where luck steps in for him – I could only see the number on one house (#6) since it was dark, so I didn’t give the paper to the houses on either side of it (Maloney is #4). Of course, if he wants a copy, he need only walk across the street or wait a week and head on over to UMA.

Enjoy the articles.

2 Responses

  1. The paper seems one article too light.

  2. My bad. Front page next time. Top article.

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