VISTA images

VISTA (Visible and Infrared Survey Telescope for Astronomy) is a survey telescope working at infrared wavelengths and is the world’s largest telescope dedicated to mapping the sky.

Because VISTA is a large telescope that also has a large field of view it can both detect faint sources and also cover wide areas of sky quickly. Each VISTA image captures a section of sky covering about ten times the area of the full Moon and it will be able to detect and catalogue objects over the whole southern sky with a sensitivity that is forty times greater than that achieved with earlier infrared sky surveys such as the highly successful Two Micron All-Sky Survey. This jump in observational power — comparable to the step in sensitivity from the unaided eye to Galileo’s first telescope — will reveal vast numbers of new objects and allow the creation of far more complete inventories of rare and exotic objects in the southern sky.

It has already taken some breathtaking images.

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  1. Moritz brought us together, sweet cheeks, but the shared interest in astrophotography is why I let you do those humiliating things to me.

    I’m just a dumb old retired construction worker, but I get it. We are living in a time that is phenomenally opening our eyes to the wonders that surround us. The distances and time factors that are open to observation and data collection, and the Moore’s law-type of leaps in the evolution of telescopic sight is just…wow.

    APOD rules

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