Dear Discovery Channel


4 Responses

  1. eeeeeew! Palin!

  2. Oprah is better known than Attenborough I’m afraid. Wait for the DVDs and buy from Amazon UK.

  3. And then I follow the link. Does the word “overreaction” say anything to you? Frankly, I wouldn’t trust a word her enemies say without verification from her friends. Fill Alaska with drilling platforms? If Alaska had that much oil the place would be filled with oil pumps already, and gas would be pennies on the gallon. I do not agree with her stand on abortion and evolution, but I’m not about to exaggerate her mistakes.

    And that bit about beluga whales. What is the full story here? Who gets to hunt belugas? How many can they catch? What can they do with their catch? Is it open season on belugas now, or is beluga whaling restricted to the aborigines, and they restricted to a few whales each year, the whales used by them for the traditional purposes?

    It’s an old adage that the first step towards killing another is to de-humanize them, to make them a thing you can destroy with impunity. The best was to de-humanize another is to avoid any contact with them, avoid getting to know them. It is hard indeed for the normal human to kill someone they know.

    Bob Heinlein had the best advice for this sort of situation; you get to know your enemy. The best outcome is you become friends. The worst is you find it easier to kill him.

    And NewEnglandBob, don’t tell me you know enough about Sarah Palin from what you read. You know only what others have told you, and I suspect they have a vested interest in discovering and concocting the worst they can on the woman. In short, I don’t trust them and I want to know how they came up with their information and why they shaped it as they did.

    One last thing; Sarah has said the pictures showing her shooting wolves from choppers are photoshopped. I believe her. Fix wing aircraft are much more stable shooting platforms Besides, shooting from the ground is the much better choice.

    It is a few who say good things about Adolf Hitler, and they either don’t know the man, or they ignore the available information on him. It is a few who say bad things about Sarah Palin, and I suspect they either don’t know her, or they ignore the available information on her. Hitler let his feelings and plans known and German society of the time largely agreed with him. I have yet to see Palin expressing the same sort of feelings and plans, and I doubt American society would agree if she did. The Discovery Channel choose her as a spokeswoman for the state of Alaska, and we’ll learn the wisdom of their choice in good time. But let’s refrain from unwarranted rage or unjustified animosity. There’s more than enough going bad in our world, we don’t need manufactured calamities.

  4. Sorry Alan, but you are wrong. I got information about Palin FROM Palin. I have listened to her speeches and I have listened to her spewing nonsense in church videos. I have heard the desire from her directly that she wants to get to the next life. I have heard the fundagelical lies directly from her lips. So stop analyzing others because you are awful at it and wrong.

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