Pope defends sexual immaturity

The pope has defended yet more Christian-based sexual immaturity.

Pope Benedict XVI strongly defended celibacy for priests as a sign of faith in an increasingly secular world Thursday, insisting on a church tradition that has increasingy (sic) come under scrutiny amid the clerical sex abuse scandal.

One of the contributing factors to the child-raping being done by priests is the massive sexual repression that religion, especially Catholicism, encourages. The whole debacle is a reflection of an institution that does not understand anything about sex beyond ‘his thingy goes in her thingy’.

Benedict responded to preselected questions from five priests and none asked for his thoughts about the scandal. One asked him to speak instead about what he called the “beauty of celibacy,” which he said was so often criticized in the secular world.

The pope acknowledged that celibacy was itself “a great scandal” in a world where people have no need for God. But he called it “a great sign of faith, of the presence of God in the world.”

It isn’t that people think celibacy is a so-called scandal because they don’t need God. It’s that not everyone is as sexually repressed as people like the pope, so they recognize that sex is not some chunk of evil that needs to be shoved in the closet, only to be taken out on special occasions.

But he is right about one thing. It is a sign of faith to believe celibacy is a good thing. But then, when has Christianity or any other religion cared about evidence?

5 Responses

  1. Its certainly an issue for the church, but a quick google search gave me loads of information about sexual abuse in schools (staff to student). The estimates range from 1 in 10 to 1 in 4 students at public schools will be molested in some manner. As abhorrent as the church’s problem is the bigger problem is at school, not church.

    I’m not trying to give the church a pass, but its odd to me that I have to go looking for other abuse information because the media just keep its focus on the priests.

    I doubt very much that allowing priests to marry is going to help, at least not anymore than it seems to help teachers.

  2. It will take more that marriage; a major component here is sexual repression. Religion has that market cornered.

  3. The main reason for sexual suppression by the church is to assert control over people. They fabricate sins then the priest class sit back as parasites and practice mind-control through guilt and fear using counseling as a means of control to justify their existence. Celibacy is the RCC control on the controllers.

  4. I don’t think we could possibly know what the cause is. It’s not just a problem religion is having is my point. Is it sexual repression of school staff also?

  5. Teh public shool thing is just another attempt to obfuscate the problem by the church.

    yes I was also abused by teachers. they used the rattan (usually a ruler) to hit me on the hand when i misbehavied.

    A far cry from the teacher putting hiw wee wee in either of my alimanetary canal body openings

    BAck in about 1000 AD the church stopped priests from marrying. the reasonw as two fold.

    Total control

    and as usual money – the church instead marries the priests to the church in what I’d call the gayest marriage of them all (no offense to gays or my gay friends)

    So the church would inherit the priests property, not his family.

    its been a lousy investment for the church – billions and biillions paid out in damages and we hardly know the extent of the criminality.

    google “[any westernized country ] – catholic church molests children

    and you should think very seriously about putting your salvationa t risk by belonging or contributing to the ‘church”

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