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The force standing in the way of proper science education? The force standing in the way of marriage equality? The force standing in the way of child safety? The force standing in the way of even beginning to find peace in Nigeria and the Middle East?


And is there evidence for its creation stories? Can it offer well-reasoned ethical arguments against gay marriage? Can it justify allowing parents to forego needed medical care for their children? Can it operate beyond its sectarian labels? Can it be reconciled with fundamentally different claims?



One Response

  1. As a scientist and ex-Christian, I agree with a majority of your sentiment that religion can be quite an enemy of reason. However, I also have experienced first hand that one of the only effective methods for overcoming the power of religion is through personal relationships. Sincere discussions with a friend are much more powerful than the venomous arguments that usually occur. Unfortunately, in today’s polarized culture, people on opposite sides of the political or religious spectrum rarely intermingle and engage in true discussion. This results in increasing polarization and a decreased ability for effective communication to occur. If you really want to decrease the power of religion, befriend those of different beliefs, engage in honest discussion, and be open to learning something yourself.

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