Barton is in line with the Republican Party

As everyone knows by now, Rep. Joe Barton apologized to BP for the $20b fund Obama strong armed from the company. The reason Obama was able to do this was because of the non-free market style economy the U.S. has which allows for the threat of greater, government-enforced penalties. Of course, the free market would be entirely flaccid in trying to wrest any real funds from BP. Thank goodness the U.S. has never had such an awful, awful system.

But Republicans and their sister Teabagging party wish we had a free market system. It sounds like liberty – despite the inevitability of monopolies, limited (if any) rights for workers, and no real enforcement of safety standards, retirement plans, or anything else that makes modern life comfortable. But it sure does sound swell. And that’s why they like it. It isn’t that it actually makes a majority of people happy or that it results in a strong economy. In fact, one of the few free market economies – Hong Kong – has only been able to experience any success because of the supporting structure of communist China. On their own, free markets will fail. If they don’t, the well-being of the people subjected to the whims of the few who become powerful will come under greater and greater strain over time.

But forget all that. It still sounds nice. Liberty! Boy, oh, boy! That’s why Rep. Barton made his apology.

What Obama managed to accomplish with BP runs counter to the free market principles the Republicans and Teabaggers support (until they need/want roads, schools, a place to put the homeless, a war on drugs, etc, etc). Rep. Barton is perfectly in line with the Republican Party on this one. Obviously they ran away screaming because of the political fallout of the situation, but if everything they’ve ever said was in the least sincere, then they hate that BP is being forced to pay.

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  1. People (voters) need to understand that the Republican party’s main emphasis is to support corporate interests and the wealthy at the expense, detriment and harm to the majority of people. They actively are against the rights and well being of 90% of citizens.

    The Republican party used to be more fair minded but that changed during the era of disaster led by the brain-dead Ronald Reagan and then accelerated over the last 15 years.

  2. I love the venom always directed at republicans here, as if every one of them is the same. Despite a demand by every congressional republican that this guy that he retract what he said and make it clear that his opinions are not those of the republican party.

    PPP has a poll out giving bush a nice edge over obama by the way. 50% to 34% would rather have bush leading us over this oil spill than the anointed one. interesting poll, and they lean democratic too..

  3. […] Low Hanging Fruit I generally try to comment on the stronger arguments of atheists and the Left, because in dismissing their stronger arguments one deals with the philosophy as a whole. But more often than not, something stupid and silly gets said that is so easily dealt with that the energy required to do so is so low that it would be wrong not to take it on; such a thing was said as part of a rant against Rep. Joe Barton recently: […]

  4. This is the typical fuckwadery of the Republican party and the teabaggers:

  5. Because the democrats don’t have just as many bad ideas?

    At least be fair and recognize both of the parties as a bunch of crooks.

  6. Its also not quite true that we do not have a “free market system”. While its not entirely true that the government takes a laissez-faire approach to the economy, goods and services are not mandated by the government, market forces, supply and demand, rules for the most part.

    The ability to freely purchase goods and services with them not being mandated by the government makes for a pretty free market if you ask me. Not that you ever would ask me though, myself being one of those evil conservatives that eats puppies and counts my money by candlelight in my counting house.

    The government does not really have any power to make BP put 20 billion in escrow, in fact the forces at work there are more free market than you’re giving credit for.

    BP would suffer a huge outcry of public discontent if the government made a big media deal over them NOT putting the money aside. I imagine they are more afraid of public outcry and a subsequent boycott of their goods than they are of increased governmental interference.

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