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There is probably a lot of non-Earth based life throughout the Universe.

A plea worth repeating

This letter appeared in today’s Kennebec Journal.

Research in cancer has come a long way but still has a long way to go. There was an article out that there may be a vaccine for breast cancer in as little as a year. Hopefully that is true. But more needs to happen. Just recently lost a wonderful co-worker to cancer. Another is going through breast cancer. She had both her breasts removed and will soon be going through chemo and radiation. We need to do something.

There has been enough suffering. I will be working on a Total Cancer Awareness Dinner. I will also be having my head shaved and donate my hair for wigs for those who have lost their hair.

It will be for everyone who has passed on, those who currently suffer from cancer and any future cancer patients. This terrible affliction needs to stop.

It is possible to beat this. Imagine a life without cancer!

Jesse Burgess

South Gardiner

I haven’t heard anything of a vaccine that soon, but one researcher who is struggling for funding has had success in preventing the disease in mice.