Maloney: Responding to every ounce of criticism he has ever received

Remember how I said it’s a terrible idea to respond to criticism too much? And how I said that based on, who else, Christopher Maloney? He didn’t get the memo.

The Novella Debates
Home | The first accusation and the response. | Second: Maloney apologies, Novella does not . | Third: The Challenge | Fourth: Alternative Treatments for Ear Infections | Fifth: Hypertension, No Proof of Placebo Effect. | Novella lets Enzo debate for him. | Maloney Claims Victory, Novella Denies. | Maloney Refutes “Busy,” Novella Calls Him a Crank | Maloney Argues That Novella Is Wasting Time | Enzo Defends Novella | Maloney Apologies, Answers Enzo | Novella Patronizes Maloney, Defends Quackbusting | Novella Taken to Task For Poor Reporting. | A Debate About What Constitutes Evidence | The Evidence Debate: Novella Disappears. | Novella Attacks Maloney Somewhere Else | Maloney Responds, Novella Claims Busy | Novella Discusses Libel | Maloney Provides Evidence, Readers Attack | Novella Takes the Second Challenge | An Alternative Treatment for ALS: Bacterial | Novella Ignores Evidence, Denies Validity | A Secondary Treatment for ALS: Supplementation | A Novella Reader Attacks | Maloney Responds With A Plea for Novella To Engage In Furthering Research | Maloney Declares Victory

Not sure what the hell all that is? It’s a series of links – 27 by my count – which Maloney has made about the ‘debate’ he had with Steven Novella. Despite the significant effort put forth in creating a site, dividing the topics, creating the links and summarizing all the posts, Maloney was unable to simply link to the original post.

This is fun. The guy takes criticism so poorly that he just can’t stop himself from responding to every little bit of it. Give it up. No one is going to suddenly take a look and say, “Oh, whoops. I guess we – and medical science – were wrong. Sorry.”

At least he has removed the link to ‘The Dirty Dozen’, effectively validating the previously leveled criticism for being so petty and arbitrary. It’s just too bad he only deleted it from one place – it still exists elsewhere.

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LePage will allow schools to teach creationism

I’ve gotten many comments from many people who have claimed Paul LePage’s support for creationism will not find its way into Maine schools. This is untrue, especially given the fundamental dishonest nature of creationists, but now I have proof. I sent this question to the LePage campaign:

I have become aware that in an interview in May you said you support teaching creationism in public schools. I asked for a clarification on your fan page, but my post was deleted (and my posting privileges removed). I’m hoping you can clarify why you support such a position. Do you see scientific evidence for creationism? Do you disagree with court rulings that have said creationism is religion and thus illegal in public schools? Which version of creationism do you support?

John McGough of the campaign offered this evasive response.

Dear Michael:

Thank you for emailing Mayor LePage. I am a volunteer helping the Mayor answer the thousands of questions and requests we are receiving after winning the primary.

The Mayor will not seek to have Augusta make all curriculum decisions for local school districts. He believes that locally elected school board members and parents should have input in their children’s education. This includes allowing local school boards to provide guidance as to whether classroom discussions on the origin of life be included with scientific theories. As Governor he will work to ensure that every child receives a quality education so they can succeed while allowing local school boards and parents input in their children’s education.

This isn’t some political spin. It isn’t some bullshit.

Paul LePage will allow schools to teach creationism.

Any rational person would be against this. Any rational person would stand up and say, “No, you may not teach known falsehoods to students.” Any rational person would not allow religion an in-road to the minds of children at public, secular schools.

But Paul LePage is not rational.

He is a creationist.

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