What a shame – Pharyngula on strike

This is too bad. PZ Myers is on a blogging strike over internal (and to an extent, external) issues going on at Scienceblogs.com. From what I’ve read, people are upset they aren’t being consulted first on a number of issues, not to mention the concerns PZ lists. This has resulted in something crazy like 20 of the 80+ bloggers shutting their doors and moving on. (I can’t say I’m sad to see that Suzanne Franks is leaving; Scienceblogs needs people more honest than that.)

The most unfortunate aspect of this is that PZ pulls in a boatload of hits – 190,000 yesterday alone (though this was somewhat of a spike). He’s a huge resource for science lovers and atheists. Aside from bringing a lot of knowledge and extremely strong argumentation skills to the table, he gets all the good links. This give a lot of cues to other bloggers (myself included), both in direct content as well as auxiliary leads.

I hope this is resolved quickly and for the better.

Thought of the day

Big cities are highly, vastly, crashingly overrated.