LePage will allow schools to teach creationism

I’ve gotten many comments from many people who have claimed Paul LePage’s support for creationism will not find its way into Maine schools. This is untrue, especially given the fundamental dishonest nature of creationists, but now I have proof. I sent this question to the LePage campaign:

I have become aware that in an interview in May you said you support teaching creationism in public schools. I asked for a clarification on your fan page, but my post was deleted (and my posting privileges removed). I’m hoping you can clarify why you support such a position. Do you see scientific evidence for creationism? Do you disagree with court rulings that have said creationism is religion and thus illegal in public schools? Which version of creationism do you support?

John McGough of the campaign offered this evasive response.

Dear Michael:

Thank you for emailing Mayor LePage. I am a volunteer helping the Mayor answer the thousands of questions and requests we are receiving after winning the primary.

The Mayor will not seek to have Augusta make all curriculum decisions for local school districts. He believes that locally elected school board members and parents should have input in their children’s education. This includes allowing local school boards to provide guidance as to whether classroom discussions on the origin of life be included with scientific theories. As Governor he will work to ensure that every child receives a quality education so they can succeed while allowing local school boards and parents input in their children’s education.

This isn’t some political spin. It isn’t some bullshit.

Paul LePage will allow schools to teach creationism.

Any rational person would be against this. Any rational person would stand up and say, “No, you may not teach known falsehoods to students.” Any rational person would not allow religion an in-road to the minds of children at public, secular schools.

But Paul LePage is not rational.

He is a creationist.

10 Responses

  1. That the Governor would dare allow local school boards to decide what they teach is unheard of! School boards are obviously tearing apart the fabric of society.

    The idea that local elected officials should have an input on what is taught in schools under their administration is shocking.

  2. Concerned citizen: Mr. LePage, Anson is teaching its children that God created Adam and Eve 6,000 years ago. What are you going to do about this?

    LePage: Why, nothing, of course! This should be allowed. In fact, I stand by the right of the school board to do this to students.

  3. Some people are too dense for it to get through their right wing heads:

    It is illegal to teach creationism in public schools. It violates the first amendment of the US constitution.

    Maybe it needs to be engraved above every school door entrance.

  4. Michael, that is religion, the idea that that there may have been some intelligent orchestration at the very beginning is a possibility religion aside.

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

    Is creationism a religion? I don’t really think so. I think if offered among other theories (most of which are just pure speculation also) of the very beginning of space and time there is no harm and certainly not religion.

    I think a big sticking point between us right now is you are linking it to evolution (so biology), I see it in more of a physics realm.

  5. Please look up the history of creationism and the courts. And common knowledge. Creationism is nothing but religion.

  6. I did do a little bit of checking and what I’m finding is its not my brand of creationism that was being taught in all of the cases I can find.

  7. Nate, your version or not, intelligence was not required and certainly not present during the creation of our existance. The belief that an individual aka GOD has omnipotence is an absurdity that has been in debate for thousands of generations. Only today there is a thriving population of dissenters due to the fact that recently they have gained respect and prominence in private and public ventures. Today you cant just kill a somebody because they disagree.

  8. Like I said now you are entering an area even science is just full of speculation in. An area where one thing is just as likely as any other.

    I don’t know where your bit about killing somebody came from.

  9. hi,
    just looking through this posting war I can see there are some very angry people about the topic of creationism in schools.


    why do people become so harsh when it comes to creationism..?
    people say that creationism is a religion. in a sense, yes it is. you must accept it by faith that a power, higher than ourselves, created everything we know to be the universe.

    I was not there so I must put my faith in a reason as to why i am here today.

    The theory of evolution is simply a theory. no more. no less.. I was not there to see it happen. So, in fact, I must say that I put my faith in evolution and how it all happened. I am in no way attacking evolution, I am simply trying to get citizens to look in the other direction. Evolution has never officially been proven wrong, but its never officially been proven right. It is still only a theory. and I believe it was A. Hitler that said

    “All great movements are popular movements. They are the volcanic eruptions of human passions and emotions, stirred into activity by the ruthless Goddess of Distress or by the torch of the spoken word cast into the midst of the people.”

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. ”

    Has evolution been taught so much that it now has become simply the common thought? Has it been seen as a law when it is only a theory?

    Is evolution a religion?
    – one must put his faith in something he did not see or truly know

    Is it therefore illegal to teach in a public school?
    – simply food for thought.

    I know i am merely a student in high school but it troubles me when I see just blindness about certain subjects that simply no one is willing to give an inch on.

  10. Okay….so all you monkeys out there hop up on your limbs and tell me why creationism is not true? Give me real facts. Not your monkey-breath made up talking points. To believe that this complex universe with all its diversity just crawled out of the ocean…and where did the ocean itself come from? It takes more faith to believe this stupidity than it does to believe in the Creator.

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