Prostitution 1

I’m going to expand on this significantly when I get the time, but I’m adding this as more or less a reminder to myself. I would like to see some early discussion, however.

While in Vegas, the issue of prostitution of course came up. There seems to be little to no rational reasoning for making it illegal. The drugs, diseases, and crime that goes along with the ‘profession’ are all directly tied to the fact that the practice cannot be practiced under any actual regulation.

But again, this is a bit of a placeholder post. Discuss.

7 Responses

  1. I’d say the only way to reduce it would be to make it legal.

    100 years ago, or even 50, sex was different than it is now. Today the fact that casual relationships are so much more common probably work against prostitution being wider spread and profitable.

    Without sufficient profit it would cease to exist, and with no legal barrier to its practice (only speculating here) it would probably bloom and than die back.

    I’d have to insist on regular drug tests with regular STD tests though. I wouldn’t condone allowing women OR men to sell their bodies legally and pump that money right back into drugs with even the partial blessing of society.

  2. Addition to the 3rd paragraph – simple supply and demand. More availability = lower price.

  3. I wonder how we are supposed to control the quality of the product when it comes to prostitution. How is the government going to make sure pimps get their hookers tested for STDs after they’ve done had sex with the 40th man in the same day?

  4. Nate, you go ahead and think that somehow today’s less-inhibited youth somehow is causing the hookers to lose money.

    IA, they seem to be doing a pretty good job of it, so far. Of course, no one can guarantee that you won’t catch something, but then again, this isn’t weeding the garden.

  5. It may not be, but something is. Its a logical connection, although not the only one you can draw.

    Superfreakanomics touches on it a bit.

  6. You can never 100% guarantee that bpeople are sexually safe. However I do believe that there are many different forms of prostitution and some much higher class and better quality of women, rather than the girls that are just simply trafficed and forced into this lifestyle.

    It doesnt mean that any are better than the next but the more money you are willing to pay in anything the better class of service is to be expected.

  7. I totally agree with Conrad. There is a significant difference between escorts or prostitutes. I personally prefer having massages when I spend some time in London. I can guarantee guys you will find the best erotic massages there! Its safe, clean and the ladies are stunning. Not cheap, but you pay for quality.

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