On Adam and Eve

Some Christians believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible. In fact, over 40% of Americans believe the Universe is less than 10,000 years old. (We can presume the majority of those people derive their erroneous belief from the Bible.) This means a huge swath of people in the U.S. have beliefs that are inconsistent with science – and the reason is religion. However, we can at least give these people some credit. Their belief that the Bible is inerrant practically demands that they believe in a young Universe; they’re consistent. But there’s a more important reason for their beliefs: Adam and Eve.

Christianity is based upon Jesus dying for our sins as brought about by Adam and Eve (especially that dirty, filthy, sub-human woman Eve, amirite?). Without Adam and Eve, Christianity falls apart at the seams. Couple that with extreme ignorance, and you’ve got creationists. But what about the Christians who ‘accept’ evolution? We know they don’t really accept it, but they at least superficially claim they do. So what about them? They are necessarily rejecting the idea that Adam and Eve literally existed. Without these two, The Fall didn’t happen and Jesus was not necessary. In this view of Christianity, God created people as disobedient to him. Not only does this make God all the more twisted and weird, but it further compounds the Problem of Evil that Christianity is unable to answer.

3 Responses

  1. The old testament, the new testament and the Koran are all conflicting within themselves on many topics, but especially within Genesis and later interpretations. If Adam and Eve were the first people, who did their offspring marry? Were Cain and Abel the only offspring? Were there others who them propagated via incest? Are we all then descended from one who was murdered or his murderer brother? I wont even touch upon the nonsense that the Koran spews about this. Why was the original sin worse than the murder?

    The only rational conclusion anyone can take away from these stupid books is that they are poorly thought through fairy tales.

  2. NewEnglandBob:

    Rational conclusion, absolutely. The problem is that rational people have never believed in this crap, it’s the irrational ones that do. We have to find some way to make this obvious irrational conclusion as well.

    I’ll get right on that after I invent the dry water and the honest politician.

  3. original sin is probably supposed to be worse than murder because without sin, sin couldnt occur or something like that, so murder wouldnt have happened. original sin planted the seed for future sin. to believe in an ancient biblical text translated for modern times and remaining inerrant is just ridiculous. people who take the bible word for word are just taking their faith from the end of a telephone game. maybe thats a bit harsh, but its the concept. if the bible nowadays is inerrant, then either the truth changes over time, or now is the only time that is relevant. at least some of the bible, namely genesis was derived from sumerian religion, sumeria being the oldest known human civilization. its religion was polytheistic. so over time we took some of these polytheistic stories, mutated them into into a monotheistic text, and for christians now, it is the ultimate word? christians like this must not believe in recorded history

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