Important Halloween note

If you will be giving out candy this year, okay, yes, all the kids have come to accept that everything will be “fun size”. But let’s not give out crappy candy, okay? That pretty much means you need to exclusively be giving out this:

And please keep the Almond Joy to yourself, okay? Look, I’ve grown to actually like it on the rare occasion I have it, but that’s because I’m not 8. No kid likes coconut. That’s just a fact.

8 Responses

  1. Agree on the importance of giving out Twix, and agree about almond joy not being that joyful, but have to respectfully disagree with you on the coconut. Mounds are incredible, as just about everyone will agree.

  2. Right, Almond Joys should not be given out. Mounds bars, being one of the best candy bars should be. I am with you all the way, Jennifer.

  3. Sorry, you are all wrong on Almond Joys. They were my favorite candy as a child, and they are my favorite now. Many famous people, such as Al Franken, agree with me. So you are wrong and I am right.

    I am giving out Almond Joys tonight in South Portland. Any child receiving one who doesn’t like it should just give it to his or her dad, who will love it.

  4. I dunno if throwing Al Frankens name out helps your case at all…

    I’m giving out kit kats and zero bars. Zero bars are the best candy bar ever created. nom nom nom.

  5. Am I the only kid who wanted the fruity candy and not all that chocolate nonsense?

    And I don’t know very many kids who don’t hate the texture of shaved coconut

  6. I give out lollipops some times. Those can be fruity.

  7. Hey! I loved Almond Joy as a kid!

  8. […] Last year I noted that Twix is awesome and kids hate coconut. This year I want to expand my advice to the candy-givers out there: […]

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